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Parker domnick hunter is a world leader in the filtration, purification and separation of compressed air and gases with many significant brand labeled products and major customers. Specialising in the fine end of the market where product quality, support and technological excellence are paramount, it designs and manufactures filters, dryers, breathing air purifiers, condensate management products and ancillary equipment.
CRDC Refrigeration Dryers
Most plant managers are only too aware of the problems and costs associated with moisture in compressed air systems. For general purpose applications the refrigeration dryer remains the most popular
PNEUDRI heatless dryers
can provide the simple and cost effective solution for the provision of clean dry compressed air. Using patented domnick hunter technology, PNEUDRI heatless dryers provide the ultimate in performance, security and reliability.
DHA Series Heated Adsorption Dryers
Compressed air is polluted with dirt particles, water, oil, oil vapor and condensate. These contaminants result in high maintenance costs, premature wear, spoiled products and the failure of control systems. DHA Series adsorption dryers will effectively remove these contaminants.
Hot and humid compressed air is cooled in the compressor by a refrigeration circuit. The condensate in the air turns froma gaseous to a liquid state, allowing it to be separated and removed from the compressed air.