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Hyflux is Asia’s leading water and environmental company specializing in membrane-based seawater desalination, drinking water treatment, wastewater reclamation, waste water recycling, and raw water purification. The Company is headquartered in Singapore and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of over US$1 billion. Hyflux has built several water treatment facilities worldwide producing over 300 million cubic meters of potable and industrial water per year.

Kristal Polymeric MF/UF Hollow Fibre Membrane

Uniquely designed Kristal™ polymeric hollow fibre membranes ensure consistent and the strictest filtration of streams with very high contents of suspended solids and colloidal content. These hydrophilic membrane products are ideal for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications, especially for the pre-treatment of reverse osmosis systems.

Inocep Ceramic MF/UF Hollow Fibre Membrane

InoCep™ ceramic hollow fibre membranes are known for their resilience and durability under highly demanding separation conditions such as the use of high temperature, pressure or aggressive solvents. Compared to conventional tubular and multiple channel membranes, InoCep offers higher flux, higher energy efficiencies and smaller footprints.

Ferocep Stainless Steel MF Tubular Membrane

Acclaimed as the world's toughest membrane, the stainless steel construction makes FerroCep™ System virtually “bullet-proof” and allows micro-filtration processing of a wide variety of difficult, dirty or hostile streams with very high viscosity and solid contents, over a broad range of chemical conditions, pressures and temperatures.